Three targeted projects and two pilot projects

The selected species will be sampled by the Targeted Project DIVE-Sea. The samples will be entrusted to the SEQ-Sea Targeted Project teams to produce genome assemblies associated with high-quality structural annotations. The BYTE-Sea Targeted Project will centralise all the genomic data produced by the ATLASea project in a single portal and integrate the genomes of related organisms sequenced by other consortia.

At the same time, two calls for expressions of interest will be issued to the scientific community to exploit the data generated by the programme. The data will be used in the two ATLASea pilot projects. The aim of the first is to monitor the dynamics of marine ecosystems and anticipate the need to preserve ecosystems that are critical for biodiversity, human societies and the economy. The second ATLASea pilot project aims to identify new molecules, metabolites and synthetic pathways, with their potential for innovation in many fields, including drug development and nutrition, as well as promoting a sustainable economy.

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