ATLASea is structured into three Targeted Projects that summarise the flow of data from the ocean to digitised information accessible to all:

DIVE-Sea: coordinated by the MusĂ©um National d’Histoire Naturelle, it will collect samples on the coast and during expeditions offshore and at depth (particularly in Mediterranean canyons where life has been able to develop in the absence of light),

SEQ-Sea: coordinated by France GĂ©nomique, it will sequence these samples at the Genoscope, with the aim of producing complete reference genomes. It will be responsible for the assembly and initial annotation of the genes,

BYTE-Sea: coordinated by the Institut Français de Bioinformatique, it will improve and store the computer annotation of this DNA in order to locate the genes, retrace their evolutionary history and assign them functions; the genomes will ultimately be stored in open databases accessible to the international community.