ATLASea’s governance is structured around three committees that operate at different frequencies and levels of competence.

At the highest level, the Steering Committee brings together representatives from CEA and CNRS, who will be steering the programme, and representatives from Ifremer, MusĂ©um National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN), Aix-Marseille UniversitĂ© (AMU), UniversitĂ© Paris Sciences Lettres (PSL) and Sorbonne UniversitĂ© (SU), as well as the two directors of PEPR. The latter will provide an activity report and take the committee’s advice on any major orientations for the programme.

At an intermediate level, the Executive Committee brings together representatives of the research infrastructures and the scientific representatives of the institutions to review progress and resolve any bottlenecks.

Finally, at the most practical level, the Coordination Committee brings together the Targeted Projects coordinators and the programme directors to take the decisions needed to move the targeted projects forward.

These committees will support the directors in their efforts to meet the main challenge facing ATLASea: building on the solid experience acquired by the partners in the field of sequencing and analysis of biodiversity genomes, the aim will be to build on this experience by maintaining a level of ‘benchmark’ quality in order to generate a highly reliable resource for the biology and biotechnologies of the future.

Governance of the ATLASea programme

Members of the Coordination Committee